Publish with Practical Action Publishing

Practical Action Publishing particularly welcome proposals of books to publish with us in the subject areas of: development studies; energy access; gender; humanitarian assistance; enterprise development and microfinance; urban services; water supply, sanitation and hygiene, all in the context of international development.

Authors should consider publishing with us because:
• Your proposal and typescript will be considered by an experienced editorial team and our expert subject reviewers.
• We co-publish with major international aid agencies such as Oxfam GB; FAO; the Emergency Capacity Building Project; The SEEP Network; and IRC, Netherlands. We also co-publish with leading research organizations such as IDS, University of Sussex; Overseas Development Institute, London.
• Our book catalogue, website and sales agents will bring your book before international development practitioners, researchers and students. See marketing below.
• As part of our digital strategy most books will be converted to ebooks for reading on e-readers; and all books will appear as pdfs in our digital collections.
• Our production team can source designers and printers from around the world to produce your book efficiently and attractively.

How to publish books with us

Our journals are all peer reviewed; reviewers are sought who are knowledgeable of practice in the field and who will be constructively critical of research methods used. All submitted papers (whether invited for a theme issue or unsolicited) will first be read by a member of the Editorial Committee, who will decide whether or not the paper is within the scope of the journal and of sufficient quality. Papers that satisfy these criteria will be sent for review; two reviewers will be selected from the Editorial Committee, Editorial Advisory Board and external reviewers. Reviewing is double blind, i.e. the reviewer’s and the author’s identities are kept from each other. Reviewers are asked to comment on the paper’s originality, its usefulness for practitioners, whether it is well structured and has a clear argument, and whether the author demonstrates awareness of other related research and practice, especially in other parts of the world. The reviewing process usually takes 2-3 months. Authors are then sent the reviewers’ reports along with a decision, either accept with minor revisions, resubmit with major revisions, or decline to publish.

Writing for our journals


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