Author John Cammack introduces his new book – Cross-Cultural Organizational and Financial Training: A practical guide

The latest book from John Cammack is an essential guide to organizing and delivering a participation-driven workshop or training module anywhere in the world for those working in the international development sector, for trainers from government, and those from commercial, faith-based, and non-profit sectors.

This timely guide is also built to support those who are teaching and presenting online, walking the trainer through how to deliver memorable, transformative and engaging training remotely and virtually. The trend in online learning that has seen a surge during the Coronavirus pandemic is here to stay – and for many it offers an efficient option that will be helpful when faced with squeezed budgets and time constraints.

Watch the video below to hear from the author about the creative and participatory ways of learning inside the book’s pages. The book is due to publish next month, and you can pre-order your copy by emailing us at


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