Author Diego Angemi discusses his new Open Access book – What Works for Africa’s Poorest Children: From Measurement to Action

What Works for Africa’s Poorest Children? From Measurement to Action identifies the social policies and programmes that are most effective in supporting Africa’s poorest and most vulnerable children, and examines the key features underpinning their documented success. It provides cutting edge examples on how we can identify child poverty and deprivation, analyses innovative ultra-poor child sensitive programmes, and provides new public financing and governance rights suggestions for child poverty elimination. At the time of uncertainty that we face following the Coronavirus pandemic, the positive lessons in this book that strive for a better future, have never been more important.

Diego Angemi, Chief of Social Policy and Advocacy at UNICEF Uganda, introduces this bold and practical book that provides invaluable perspectives and experiences across Africa in social policy. The book focuses on the measurement of poverty and vulnerability; the positive impact of social protection systems on children to alleviate poverty; how effective public financial management can increase the efficiency of services that children need; and child rights at a national level to care for vulnerable children.

‘While the world agrees on the priority of achieving the SDGs, there is much too little known on the practicalities of how to do so, especially in challenging situations. This immensely valuable and rich collection is grounded in perspectives and experiences in a range of African countries. By exploring what has worked for children and what has not – in education, nutrition and health – it is an invaluable guide to policies to improve children’s lives and help them realise their potential.’
Professor Frances Stewart, Development Economics, University of Oxford

Watch the video below, read the book for free (Open Access) online, or order a print copy from our website!

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